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A scheduled job in Enterprise manager runs prior to the scheduled time with no reasons of it starting automatically. Can this happen? if yes, how & when?

-- Sunitha Satish Kumar (, December 19, 2003


Without more information about how much time prior to the schedule it runs or what type of job it is, it would be hard to say. I haven't run across this happening on any of my MS SQL Servers. One thing to remember though, is that when you build a schedule in Enterprise Manager, it is always using the server clock. So if your PC time and the server time don't match, then it might appear that it's running early. It's especially important to rememeber this if you are managing a server that is in a different time zone than your PC. In that case though, you'd see that all of your schedules appear to run early and not just one. Make sure that you've checked all of the schedules in that job to verify that they are setup how you intended. Also, check that there aren't any other processes that trigger this job. It could be a DTS package, a stored procedure, another job, etc. Sorry I can't be of more help.

-- Kimbrough Wile (, December 24, 2003.

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