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Hello there folks.

Disabled Parents Network has been approached by Julie Shepherd, Research Officer at the Trust for the Study of Adolesence

The Trust are producing a "one-off" newsletter about disabled parents of teenagers. They are looking to hear disabled parents experiences in parenting their teens.

If you would like to contribute, Julie would like you to talk about your experiences in the following areas:

* What's difficult about being a disabled parent of a teenager/what are the issues that you face as a disabled parent of a teenager?

* What helps with these issues/difficulties? * What do you as a parent of a teenager worry about in relation to your teenager?

* What do you enjoy most about being a parent of a teenager?

The newsletter will also include resources such as helplines/support groups and details of organisations, plus a parent's story and a few generic articles on bringing up teenagers and also some recent research findings.

The newsletter will be printed in large print. They are also hoping to make the newsletter available on audio-cassette.

If you think you'd like to or feel you can help (you will need to do this before mid-January 2004!), please contact Julie directly - contact details follow:

Thanks very much for your help.

Julie Shepherd Research Officer Trust for the Study of Adolesence 23 New Road, Brighton East Sussex BN1 1WZ

Tel: 01273 693311 email: jshepherd@tsa.uk.com www.tsa.uk.com

-- Anonymous, December 22, 2003

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