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Hi I have started up a book site from home, a lot of hard work and shouting at the computer later and I do actually have an up and running book site with members. I find it hard with my pelvic disability (I had my child two years ago and my muscles and ligaments were damaged and now I cannot walk). I was going absolutely spare being stuck indoors all day so I started a book site as I had been reading so much out of boredom and needed some way of getting rid of some.

The only thing is advertising, I am so so busy with that, and in the afternoons the drugs I am on tires me so I need to sleep, and my kids also need looking after that I actually have no time to tell the world about my site!! I just wondered if anybody had any brilliant ideas on how to get my site known about.

I would appreciate any ideas however small. I have tried magazines, and the search engines but unfortunately I need more.

This probably seems a small problem, and believe me I could tell you more of my woes = but my books to buy and sell site is what keeps me sane at the moment and makes me keep my brain working.

Thanks Michelle

-- Anonymous, December 29, 2003


Try the discussion groups on

-- Anonymous, March 10, 2004

Hi Michelle,

You could try employing a Personal Assistant to help you. Ok, so that costs money, but have you heard of Direct Payments? Direct Payments is a new way of receiving care/support services from your local council. You can contact your council and ask for an assessment. The assessment would look at all your support needs.............all the things that would help you live independently. Its worth a go.

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2004

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