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Hello and thanks in advance for the repply.

I'm looking for advise on the following issue:

Our database contains quite large amount of data (tens of millions of rows for every table.) Nightly batch cycle deletes the oldest data (~%3 every day) but REORG & RUNSTATS utilities run only on weekends. Trying to figure out an impact on online query performance leaving off data that is deleted every day and move the batch deletes to be performed only on weekend before REORGs. Here's the question: even if data is being deleted nightly, is it still retreived to the buffer manager upon request for let's say tablespace scan untill tables are REORGanized? (I assume if this is the case, no impact would be foreseeable.)

Test environment has limited capacity - can not test full amount of data.

Thanks again for the advise. Are there any IBM resources to be referred to on the issue?

-- Taras Gural (, January 02, 2004

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