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I cannot acess the to order java pods for my coffee machine. What's the problem . What email address can I use to order these pods?

-- Charles Lovely (, January 04, 2004


Call service number : 1-800.841.1628

-- Donald C. Hurlock (, January 15, 2004.

You can call toll free 1-800 841-1628. I am looking to access the same website but guess I'll have to call.

-- (, February 02, 2004.


-- Jeanie Eugenio (, March 29, 2004.

My suggestion: skip the Melitta pods altogether. Go to They make pods which are compatible with the Melitta 1:1, but make a far superior cup of coffee. And they're less expensive. I do not work for I am just a happy customer, spreading the word.

-- vern savatos (, May 18, 2004.

I saw the reference to and noticed the 2 comments, that it's stronger coffee, most likly it is, but the 2nd comment is that it's cheaper.

I fail to see anything on Podhead that's cheaper then Melitta's prices in any US stores or on their websites. averages 47 cents a pod at bulk, that's the 120 pod order.. averages 27 cents a pod for all flavors in 18 Pod packs..

I hope this helps

-- Diane (, May 30, 2004.

> averages 47 cents a pod at bulk, that's the 120 pod order..

> averages 27 cents a pod for all flavors in 18 Pod packs..

Yes, Podhead's coffee may be more expensive, but Melitta's 1to1 coffee tastes like $.27 coffee. Blech. Don't waste your money on their rotten coffee.

-- Dawn Marie (, June 13, 2004.

I cannot find it either. I have tried supermarkets that sell Melita products and the managers look at me like I have 2 heads when I ask them to order these pods. Why is it so difficult to find these pods? If I knew it was going to be so difficult, I wouldn't have purchased this item.

-- boojie medon (, July 17, 2004.

Try: Target, Bed, Bath, & Beyond, Anderson's, Linens 'N Things, Macy's, Bloomingdales, Foley's, JC Penny, Winn Dixie, Boscov's, and Hechts.

I've bought them at Target, BB&Y, Macy's from the list above. Pods from other pod mfrs work as well. Sometimes these are avail in the supermarket. Although, I have had great exp with the cust svc no. This shipping is fast (a coupla days) and the charge is minimal Is anyone else as hooked on hazelnut as me? j

-- Jim (, July 17, 2004.

Go to the Salton website where you will find the Melitta brand of One to One coffee pots and products, but they are out of the product I wanted!

-- Rebecca Busby (, September 26, 2004. sells melitta pods. right now they're 4.99 a box; and there's free shipping of orders $25 and over.

-- go (, September 28, 2004.

Linen & things have both the pot and replacement pods!JUST PURCHASED BOTH!! LIKE BOTH

-- mike farr (, October 02, 2004.

we ordered our 1to1 coffee maker and pods from Tabletops. The coffe pot arrived- but we have had nothing but trouble in trying to order coffee pods. Tabletops is frequently back ordered. I too am looking for alternate sources for our office.

-- denise yates (, October 07, 2004.


Unfortunately, I Purchased the ONE TO ONE in Durango Co. when I was there during the summer. I live in Texas. Can I send it to Krogers in Durango COD to get my refund? I paid $59.99 and it would cost a substantial portion of that to ship it back. I think you have some responsibility for marketing a coffee maker knowing the user would have to take extremely unusual steps to purchase the coffee pods it requires to operate. "Home Cafe" and "Senseo" are readily available at local grocery stores, but they are too big for your machine. They cause it to leak. After I purchased the stock at the local Target they have not replenished the stock. Even Target does not stock the Java Pods in the grocery area. When they had them they offered them only in the Appliance area. Meanwhile the "Home Cafe" pod are in Targets grocery department. What makes you think it would be acceptable to require your customers to go to a Department Store to buy coffee. Going to a Department Store is not a regular trip while going to the grocery store is. So please refund my money and I will ship the One to One back to whomever you want COD.

In a message dated 10/8/2004 12:03:13 PM Central Daylight Time, writes: Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for your email. I am sorry that you cannot find Javapods in your local department stores to purchase. If you wish not to keep your One:One, the only option for refund is to take it back to the place of purchase.

Please let us know if you have any other questions. Have a great weekend. Jessica 10/07/2004 04:41 PM To cc Subject Web Site Feedback for Handle 78F9C230 of Melitta® one:one™

How can I get my money back on my one to one coffee maker. It is worthless because I cannot find a local supply of pods that fit in it without leaking.

In a message dated 10/11/2004 11:42:41 AM Central Daylight Time, writes: Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for emailing back. I wished I had more convenient options for you. Even if you were to send your machine to us, the warehouse would see that it wasn't purchased with us and would send it back to you. All we can do is warranty service and exchange the machine for you.

I am sorry that we are unable to offer you a refund. As you have mentioned, you will only find the JavaPods in department stores at this time. There is a Where to Buy link at the bottom of the homepage of our website. Maybe that will assist you in locating the Pods in your area.

Again, I wish I had some better suggestions to offer you. Have a wonderful day. Jessica 10/09/2004 06:27 PM To cc Subject Re: Web Site Feedback for Handle 78F9C230 of Melitta ® one:one™

-- Owen Williams (opwilliams @AOL.COM), October 12, 2004.

I personally like the Melitta coffee. Tried the pod heads - to expensive and the melitta dark roast is just as good.

But - I have also made the Folgers pods, and the seseo work in a pinch. Just squish them in the holder so no paper is sticking out. Works great!

Also got regular tea bags to work to - again an occasional leak, but cheap!

I love my one pod.

-- Bill Gilligan (, November 08, 2004.

I just purchased a Melitta 1:1 from Best Buy for $29.95 - better than what they're going for on EBay. On another board someone suggested buying a small quantity of pods from Podhead as you get a small ring that fits into the maker that prevents dripping. Looks like as demand increases, the per pod prices are going to go down to a reasonable level - Melitta is now advertising the 1:1 on TV for $9.95 if you join their club ($10/mo for pods).

-- Bruce (, November 10, 2004.

Just go to your local Target store. The pods are located by the coffee makers or go to Target website. You can buy the variety pak (72) pods for 19.99. What was Melitta thinking!!!

-- paula sanders (, January 08, 2005.

I tried to take advantage of the 1:1 coffee club. They offered a free coffeemaker for club membership. Unfortunately, they sent me the coffee pods for $9.98 billed to my CC#, but no coffeemaker... Now isn't that special! Also, the packing slip had no email address or phone number of any kind to advise them of the problem. Now I see that pods are hard to get. I'm only hoping they read my message to cancel the membership & won't send my any more coffee I can't use & charge my CC again. I thought a nationally recognized company would be a safe place to order from . . .Buyer beware!

-- Linda McDowell (, January 12, 2005.

I too have purchased a Melitta Java Pod Pot and love it! My son also has one and he too loves his. We are having trouble finding the pods and would like to order them on-line, but as of yet haven't figured out how to do so. I have tried other brands of pods that do work in the pot, but the grade of coffee is not as GOOD a Melitta. I hope you will make ordering on-line easier for the consumer. Thank you for a great product!

-- Karen Manke (, January 19, 2005.

Problems I am still waiting past week to someone to call me . I am french speakind and canadian from Montreal. I just bought a 1to1 coffee maker . By what I just read I think I will return my 1to1 to the store. Lovely machine bad organisation Raymond Dufort

-- Raymond Dufort (, January 31, 2005.

I love the one:one, but I don't much care for the Melitta coffee. (I got the coffeemaker from Meijer, a Walmart-like store in the midwest, and it was $39.95 with a free variety pack box - over 160 pods free! so I am using them up first).

I really wanted to buy organic, free trade coffee pods, so I decided to order the 44 mm UPA adaptor from ( Now I can use any 44mm pods with the Melitta one:one. However, it is leaky and doesn't brew well -- I am not very happy with the adaptor. I'm hoping that, with use and adjustment, it'll be OK.

Next I'm ordering the 90-pod variety pack from Still expensive, yes. Hoping to see free trade pods from them soon.

-- Maggi Rohde (, February 02, 2005.

I got the 1 on 1 Melitta for Christmas and it is the best. I love the coffee and buy 4 boxes at a time from Target. I love the "Buzzworthy" and "Love at first Sip" I have a Bunn coffee maker and a Melitta that grinds the coffee, however 1on1 is the best. There is a coffee named Intellgentsia from Chicago and I wish Melitta would create pods with their coffee.

-- Glenn Hyatte (, February 03, 2005.

Try the have all the Melitta Coffee and Tea items!!!

-- Lisa Brodsky (, February 03, 2005.

Does anyone know if Gevalia's pods will fit melita ?

-- Jim A (, February 10, 2005.

To Jim A: I can't speak for Gevalia's 'pods' but ... I have a 2 cup pot (will also make just one cup!) from Gevalia that I wouldn't let go of for anything! The 'cups' are tall like glasses (hold more like one and a half or two cups) and thermal so they keep the coffee hot a lot longer. I received the two cup pot free ... just for signing up with Gevalia and have been using their Chocolate Raspberry flavor coffee for a couple of years now. I didn't even know they had 'pods' but then I don't find it difficult to put the small filter in and measure out a small scoop of coffee. And ... I love their coffee! I have been very pleased with their service too! Sandy E.

-- Sandy Edmonds (, February 24, 2005.

I just purchased a 1 to 1 from QVC which comes with a 30-day guarantee. I have used both the Senseo and Millstone/Folger pods with no problem; as a poster above noted you can squash the pod in to make it fit. So far it's been working. I also have a Gevalia subscription so I e-mailed them asking if their pods fit the 1 to 1. Customer service replied they can only guarantee their pods for the Gevalia machine but they do have a customer satisfaction assurance that you can return the pods. I ordered one box of tea and one box of coffee.

For me function trumps form and sometime taste. I love the ease of use and so little cleanup required particularly in the morning when I'm rushing to get to work and desperately need that first cup of coffee. I don't have to worry about washing the pot and filter out (I hate coming home to a dirty pot). When I have time I use my French press to brew a better cup of coffee but the pod pot is working out fine.

And, like everyone else it seems, I can't access the site. For shame, Melitta!

-- Linda Ginsburg (, March 13, 2005.

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