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I am pleased to announce that the Catholic Forum now has two moderators - Ed ( and myself ( Our relative duties and extent of involvement will have to be worked out as we go along; but I foresee no specific plans to limit the capabilities of either moderator. If there are any other questions, please post them and we will do our best to address them.

-- Paul M. (, January 08, 2004


I wish you both succes & btw , a happy 2004

Salut & Cheers from a NON BELIEVER:

-- Laurent LUG (.@...), January 08, 2004.

Hi, Ed.
You have been a good contributor, and (more importantly) a very good man in the past. I am praying for you to be a very good moderator too.
God bless you.

-- J. F. Gecik (, January 08, 2004.


I expect nothing but the best from you as a fair Moderator. Please don't let your dislike for America interfere with your job.:-)

God bless you, and your deceased childhood buddy.

-- - (, January 08, 2004.

Welcome! God Bless you, and may the forum become a tool for witnessing to the gospel of Christ Jesus through Holy Mother Church!


-- Gail (, January 08, 2004.

Welcome to the new position, Ed!

In Christ, Bill

-- Bill Nelson (, January 08, 2004.

I wish both of you great success!

-- GT (, January 08, 2004.

Thank you all for your encouragement!

-- Ed (, January 09, 2004.

Yes, congrats and good luck!


-- Someone (, January 09, 2004.

Good luck Ed :)


-- Kiwi (, January 09, 2004.

Good luck Ed (and Paul). Tough job you have there. Be strong, decisive, gentle and understanding (all at the same time).

I'll ask our Blessed Mother to pray for you.

-- Pat Delaney (, January 09, 2004.

Añado mi voz al concierto de felicitaciones y buenos deseos para los dos nuevos Coordinadores. Sé que va adar lo mejor de sí mismos y que eso redundará en bien del Foro y de quienes participamos en él

Que Dios los bendiga


-- Enrique Ortiz (, January 09, 2004.

Couldn't pass this thread by without wishing God's blessings on both of you, especially when making the tough calls about what to delete, etc.

I was going to say something about God granting both of you the wisdom of Solomon, but is that going too far?

-- Glenn (, January 09, 2004.

Good luck with your new task Ed. I'm sure Paul will appreciate some help here...he's been doing a sterling job and deserves some support.

Thanks for all your work Paul!

God bless


-- Sara (, January 09, 2004.


I see you have many prayers being prayed that you will be a good Moderator in this thread. Maybe you should pray about this before you quit? Maybe you were trying to hard and putting to much time in?

Rember "paltalk" that you talked about before in forum? If you were Moderating a "vocal" forum where people actually hear what is being said, than you have to be quicker to "pull the trigger", but in a forum like this maybe you should be more "easy going" because one can just skip the post, and they don't hear the words.

It was only about 10 days ago that you told John G. that you think most of Emeralds posts are "charitable"......." and today I read that Emerald has been banned?

I think you were getting better by the day as a Moderator and just need to work on being consistant, and giving devout Catholics there say more.

Consistancy is the Motherhood of all sucess. I bet Paul appreciates the break you're giving him. I'm going to pray for you too Ed. I'm sorry for not up until tonight about this.

God bless you

-- - (, March 15, 2004.

jr , I disagree on that !!

It's like ending freedom of speech !! __ I don't post not that much anymore , 'cause , as most of the people here know , there are too many points I disagree on it , but still I like to read other people there opinion , no matter what kind !!

Salut & Cheers from a NON BELIEVER:

-- Laurent LUG (.@...), March 17, 2004.

Actually, Jr.,

David Ortiz from the ASK JESUS is the fairest moderator I have seen other than Paul M.

The ASK JESUS forum is the most open to debate:

-There are 4 Catholics posting there on a regular basis defending the Church -There is me a Christian Yahwist -3 protestants - A devil worshipper at one time - and lurkers.

Even Paul M has posted there. He banned David Ortiz at one time from the Catholic Forum in July last year(2003), yet David did not ban him.

What happens is that sometimes that forum is attacked like this forum has by individuals who mess with the threads.

More than 40 threads were attacked. They are being restored little by little. Once that's done it might become public again.

Even someone like Laurent would be welcome. People are not forced to accept certain beliefs or leave.

Except for one, everyone there had their origins in Catholicism.

The Christian Yahwist

-- Elpidio Gonzalez (, March 17, 2004.

Elpidio says "David Ortiz from the ASK JESUS is the fairest moderator I have seen other than Paul M."

LOL, LOL, LOL, YOU'VE GOT TO BE KIDDING? Oh yes, he LOVES anyone who HATES the Church regardless of how unorthodox they are. Why, he'll cuddle, snuggle and nest with ANYONE no matter how ridiculous their cockamamie notions are . . . that is, as long as they're not, you know, that word that begins with a "C"


P.S. And Elpidio, I mean no disrespect to you, but your dreams and your visions and your unorthodox views of Christ would earn you the label of heretic by ANY mainline, traditional, Bible-believing church, whether fundamental, evangelical or Catholic. That's why you're so thrilled with David, because he'll give you a platform to spout your nonsense . . . but after all, you are an EX-Catholic!

-- Gail (, March 17, 2004.

Gail, I was forced to become an ex-Catholic. I wasn't born one.

The Christian Yahwist

-- Elpidio Gonzalez (, March 17, 2004.

I was forced to become an ex-Catholic

no one is FORCED into heresy, you made that choice all by yourself. come back to the true church elpidio, surely by now you have realized that your 'prophecies' are false.

-- paul h (, March 17, 2004.

If David were allowed to post here, David would eventually reveal the struggle he and I have had on banning and censorship.We've gone round and round, but we just heal our wounds and keep on talking.

If that moderator is "fair", it is because of the members of that forum who demand a voice. David has come a long way and his sight has cleared up tremendously. Every person has their faith.


-- rod (, March 18, 2004.

Hi Jr.

You wrote: "I say just make the forum private and only keep the true catholics here. Like that Ask Jesus forum, who knows what lies those anti- catholics are spreading. "

"...keep only true [C]atholics here." Hmm?

I suggest that Jr. ask the "Ask Jesus" moderator for the password and begin reading all of those threads. You will then know what "lies" those anti-[C]atholics are spreading.

The reason that forum is "locked" is because of the attacks made on Feb. 26, 2004. It is locked to keep vandals from wrecking the threads. It is not locked to keep regular folks out. I'm sure that if with the right attitude and syrup, Jr. would be allowed to post there.


-- rod (, March 18, 2004.

Paul H, tell that to Yahweh our God and Jesus.

What else can I say.

The Christian Yahwist

-- Elpidio Gonzalez (, March 18, 2004.


we've been over this. if your 'prophecies' had turned out to be true, then i MIGHT consider mentioning to Christ on the day of my death and seeing if it was true.

BUT your specific prophecies are wrong. the pope is still alive. and last time i checked, God is never wrong with prophecy. The prophecies you got right werent difficult for any idiot to presume. so you predicted the war with Iraq? SO WHAT? every member of the military knew we were eventually going to Iraq from day one of the war with Afganistan. It was COMMON KNOWLEDGE. why was it common knowledge? because everyone knew it was a collision course. heres a prophecy for you: you are going to die someday. the pope's successor will be male.

THAT, elpidio, is why i cannot accept your false vision.

-- paul h (, March 18, 2004.


We should welcome anyone here, and especially those who are searching for truth. However, they must comply with the rules and be respectful of the Catholic faith. By your standards, I should not be here since I am not officially a member of the Catholic Church. However, by God's grace I found this forum from a Google search (which would not have been possible if the forum were private), and have grown much from participating here.

God bless,

-- Emily (, March 18, 2004.

I learned much from the Big Three, but now it seems that the candles only flicker at certain times. I miss the earlier times when the candles kept this place hot (in a good way).


-- rod (, March 18, 2004.


what do you mean, you learned much from the big three?

-- paul h (, March 18, 2004.

Maybe idiots can make predictions too, Paul H.

But, find me dates from the Bible prophets which specify day, month, year, when a certain prophecy would happen.(I am talking about the ones where the New testament say apply to Jesus and his people).

Example 1: Where does Isaiah say that in such and such a time of the roamn Empire (The Kittim of the Bible) Jesus was going to be born of a Virgin?

Example 2: Where does it say in the Bible that in such a time, during the Roamn Empire Jesus was going to be crucified in Iasaih 53, Psalm 22,.?

You won't be able to find that. So wouldn't the people from their days think that Isaiah, Jeremiah,... were false prophets?

The Christian Yahwist

-- Elpidio Gonzalez (, March 18, 2004.

but you see, elpidio, thats my point exactly.

you wont find it in the writings of the prophets. WHY? because God didnt reveal it to them. they didnt guess, and there were no dates to get wrong.

second, their prophecies were not made in the same social structure so they had no foreknowledge of events to clue them off.

third, their prophecies are ALL true. AND the prophecies they made were CONTRARY to the social norms of the time, meaning there was NO WAY that they could have known that things like Jesus' knees would not be broken, or the other extenuating circumstances of his trial and crucifiction. these things could ONLY have been revealed to them.

You on the other hand made several predictions based on current trends in the social structure, which your subconcious projected to your mind as prophecy from God. The only problem is, YOU CANT JUSTIFY THAT PROPHECY. you made it public that God himself told you that the pope would die last year. IT DIDNT HAPPEN. there are only three possibilities then: 1) God was wrong, which is not possible. 2) God lied, possible, but unlikely. 3) your visions were not God, but the musings of an imaginative subconcious in a dream state.

the bible says that when you have a vision you should not instantly discredit it, but test it to see if it is true. your prophecy ability has been tested and has failed elpidio, let this illogical attachment to false visions go and return to the church.

-- paul h (, March 19, 2004.

paul H,

You forgot a fourth possiblity, 4. your visions are not true and are inspired by some evil force trying for the ruination of your soul.


-- Someone (, March 19, 2004.

yes and no frank,

i believe that such a vision would represent (especially since it came in dream state) something from the subconcious mind. who knows what lurks there? yes, it very well COULD be a demonic influence... but it would still qualify as the musings of an imaginative subconcious mind in a dream considering demonic suggestion to be the word of God.

-- paul h (, March 19, 2004.

The Big Three: Paul M., John G., Eugene C.

Not that many others had no influence.


-- rod (, March 19, 2004.

Let me put it this way:

When the heretics are thrown into the ring with the faithful, the truth will triumph and become obvious for all to see. When the heretics are kept out of the ring, the truth may remain clouded if not tested.


-- rod (, March 19, 2004.


Looks like the Ask Jesus forum is still hiding in the dark; afraid to come out in the light. You guys desperately need a new moderator! Rod you will be perfect for the job!

-- (.@s.k), March 20, 2004.

Then why not ask for the password at the moderator of that specific forum , that way you can see what they are "hiding" , that seems to me the best solution , or am I wrong ??

Salut & Cheers from a NON BELIEVER:

-- Laurent LUG (.@...), March 20, 2004.

Hiding in the dark and tucked away in a corner are two different things. Anyway, this forum would be happy to know that several Catholics are involved in that forum. Those Catholics are strong soldiers for the faith. "Hiding in the dark" may not be an accurate description from a Catholic's point of view. Of course, the same things may be said by the non-Catholics who are engaged with the Catholics from the other side of the line. The discussions are true and each side is free to shine their light.


-- rod (, March 20, 2004.

Frank, why don't you e-mail the President about me?

From Clinton to Bush I have written or e-mailed the White House since 1995. All of them have signature words that go with my name in Spanish.

I don't hide, Frank.

You guys judge me for the Pope dream, as I interpreted 2 of 4 as only 2 trips (Spain and Croatia, but I also rectified that that could also be 2+4 =6)

That is why I could be subjected to more scrutiny.

Compare me to Fatima's sister Lucia: Third secret: a bishop dressed in white,...a city half in ruins,...priests, and others die...Bishop climbs a mountain that has a cross...he dies shot...the blood is picked up by angels....words are penance, penance...

When John Paul was shot in 1981 he attributed his life to The Virgin of Fatima. Even the Vatican has John Paul II climbing this mountain where there is a cross on top.

There was never a mention of time. John Paul II believes he is the Pope mentioned by sister Lucia. This happened in 1917.

So how to interpret this? -If he is: then is the end of his Church -If he isn't, then sister Lucia was lying, the Church will go on, continuing to grow.

What do you think?

Also, in the question of John Bosco. The Pope has been trying to fulfill Bosco's liturgical dreams. He actually did. Bosco had thse dreams over 100 years ago. He was like me: he could prdict the death of his students like I do.

The Christian Yahwist

-- Elpidio Gonzalez (, March 22, 2004.

Here are some Fatima and John Bosco sites on this matter, Frank and Paul H.

Pope John Paul II and sister Lucia

Cardinal Sodano read 3erd Secret of fatima Cardinal Sodano's interpretation

Interpretation by Catholics

John Bosco

John Bosco's dream about the Pope and the Eucharist

Interpretation's of the Pope Dream on 1862

John Bosco's life

John Bosco predicts deaths of students

The Christian Yahwist

-- Elpidio Gonzalez (, March 22, 2004.

Here, Frank and Paul H is the Pope climbing a mountain like in Fatima's Thrid Secret. He is dreassed in white. Pope , the Bishop in White, climbing the mountain with a cross

compare his dreass to that of Pius XII, the Pope to whom sister Lucia gave the Secret first. Pius XII

The Christian Yahwist

-- Elpidio Gonzalez (, March 22, 2004.


i dont know what point youre trying to prove with the prophecies of our Lady of Fatima, but perhaps you've failed to notice that the discussion has been on YOUR prophecies.

I know and recognize the prophecies of our lady of fatima. I dont need you to tell me that the third secret is to repent, though the reminder is never unwanted. What troubles me is the fact that you still hold to your prophecies long after several of them have come up incorrect.

-- paul h (, March 23, 2004.

Paul H, what prophecies are you talking about?

I have only mentioned one of my dreams I had last year, in April 2003. Now, about the Pope, originally I thought that 2 more than 4 (It was in Spanish : dos mas de cuatro) referred to only 2 trips: Spain and Croatia.

2 more than 4 means also 2+4 =6. Pope went to 1. Spain, 2. Croatia, 3. Bosnia 4. Mongolia (Cancelled), 5. Slovakia 6. Pompeii(Italy). Possiblities: a)Pope had 6: Mongolia (even though was cancelled)counts. b)Pope had 5: Mongolia doesn't count c)Pope had 4: Mongolia doesn't count and Pompei doesn't because is in Italy

Thus:possible results? To a) Pope could die before going to switzerland?. A trip to Switzerland in June appears certain and there is talk of others within Europe. From this site Switzerland in 2004

to b)Mongolia doesn't count, so Switzerland is 6. Pope makes it at least to June.

To c: Mongolia and Pompei don't count, so Switzerland is 5 and Mexico? in September is 6?

The Vatican has never ruled out further travel and has confirmed John Paul has received invitations to visit Switzerland, Austria, France, Poland and Mexico this year. Earlier this month, a Vatican advance team visited Switzerland to plan a possible trip June 5-6, Vatican Radio reported. taken from this site: Papal travels invitations in 2004

Just like John Bosco, Paul H, his dream about the ship (The church) 1n 1862, did it refer to the Pope then, Leo XIII? Pius X? Pius XII? John XXIII? Paul VI, or John Oaul II? John Paul thinks it's him. That's over 120 years later (counting from the assassination attempt in May 1981). So was John Bosco wrong? or right? He never gave a timetable.

I did.

The Christian Yahwist

-- Elpidio Gonzalez (, March 23, 2004.

VATICAN CITY, FEB. 24, 2003 ( John Paul II says his "heart is set" on the International Eucharistic Congress scheduled this October in Guadalajara, Mexico.

For the time being, the Holy See has neither confirmed nor denied that the Pope plans to attend the event, although on Christmas day Vatican spokesman Joaquín Navarro-Valls confirmed the Pope's interest in the congress.

At the end of his address today to Javier Moctezuma Barragán, the new Mexican ambassador to the Holy See, John Paul II said that his "heart is set on the celebration of the 48th International Eucharistic Congress," planned for Oct. 10-17. Visit to Eucharistic congress in Guadalajara ,Mexico, October 2004

The Christia Yahwist

-- Elpidio Gonzalez (, March 23, 2004.


Scroll up and read my post to you on January 8th in this thread... I mentioned your being a good Moderator and your "dislike for America" when you were "picked" for the job.

Ask Rod and scroll up and read it. Please?:-)

-- - (, May 04, 2004.

"Ask Rod"? Ask Rod what?


-- rod (, May 04, 2004.

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