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could you plaese help me explain the differences between art deco and art nouveau and how to tell them appart.?

-- alex colley (, January 16, 2004


Art Nouveau is earlier (teen's and 20's) and is very elegant and surreal. The artwork often depicts fairy-like women or women in very ornate costuming. the furniture, including lamps and other accessories are very decorative, with lace like effects in wood and metal, lots of fringe and the like. Art Deco, however, (30's) is very geometric as opposed to the flowing style of art nouveau. Lots of metal, angular at times. closely assocciated with the "machine" and "space" ages in the stylization. Tiffany lamps are very art nouveau, chrome lamps are very art deco. Greek figures, nudes, vibrant colors, elegant women and exotic animals are all very typical of art nouveau style. Pyramid effects, chrome, black and white, sleek and geometric shapes are all typical of art deco styling. Hope that answers your question!

-- Bobby Gleason (, May 17, 2004.

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