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Folks it's in the dead of winter in most parts of America and those gas furnaces and heaters are workin overtime to keep up. Time to take a few minutes and hava a looksee at the operation of'm. Time to replace or clean the air filters, oil the blower motor and even have a looksee at the burner/s. Lint and dust will build up in the air shutters of the burner/s and cause some big problems if not removed. A vacume cleaner will do a fairly good job of removin the lint and wilol possible save a life.

If a burner is burnin with a lazy YELLOW flame--MONOXIDE is present. Seek attention for it immediately. All vents don't always vent properly thereby spillin those deadly fumes into the house.

When one part air is removed from the air/gas mixture the products of combustion [fumes] changes from carbon dioxide to CARBON MONOXIDE! A very deadly, odorless, tasteless killer. ALL houses should have a carbon monoxide detector with FRESH BATTERIES installed and checked regularly.

I hope everybody is doin ok with this cold weather and no un-necessary hardships are havin to be dealt with. If this information has helped you--why not send a check to Feed the Children, Box 8, Oklahoma City, Ok. Those little dudes and dudetts surely need our support and help. God Bless.

old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- oldhootgibson (, January 18, 2004

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