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I am relatively new to this forum, however I notice that there are several answers to questions which say "bump" what is this all about? Am I missing something?

-- Hugh (hugh@inpired.com), January 20, 2004


its stupid, don't worry about it. you'll see lots of "top top" "bump bump" messages. that is just to make the thread appear on the new answers section

-- jr (none@nowhere.com), January 20, 2004.

Most readers who come to the forum on a regular basis only bookmark the “New Answers” page in their favourites. They rarely check the “New Questions” page to see what new questions there might be. When someone begins a brand-new thread it is placed on the “New Questions” page. If the creator of the original post does not “bump” this thread, that is, place a second post to move it to the “New Answers” page, chances are the thread will receive little discussion due to reduced traffic on the "New Questions" page. Therefore, regulars to the forum periodically check the “New Questions” page to assist those posters who are not familiar with the software by “bumping” their post to “New Answers” where it will be seen by more readers, thus inviting further comment.

-- Ed (catholic4444@yahoo.ca), January 20, 2004.

it's like playing volleyball

-- bump (top@top.top), January 20, 2004.

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