What have you done recently to "treat" yourself well?

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Much of your time may focus on others. What have you done lately to give yourself a break or a "treat?"

-- Anonymous, January 25, 2004


Although not functioning as a primary caregiver at this time, I have been a caregiver for my mother and mother-in-law both with Alzheimer's disease. I found it difficult to take time for myself. Any "free" time I did have was quickly used caring for the rest of my family. And if I did entertain thoughts of doing something for me I felt a bit quilty. However when a friend asked me to join her for a yoga class once a week I decided to give it a try. This scheduled away-time became something I really look forward to doing; not a big time committment and fun! And I found that I had just a bit more to give in my role as caregiver. Have you thought of "scheduling" yourself just once a week to do something you enjoy, either solo or with a friend?

-- Anonymous, February 12, 2004

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