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I'm searching for the family of Hobart Dixon, Brother to Lon Dixon of Oklahoma and Half Brother to Robert Luther Dixon of TN. Hobarts father's name was John Thomas "Tom' Dixon born 03-21-1865 in Greene County TN. I don't know the name of Hobart's mother. Hobart left TN and according to family records moved to Badin, NC. I would love to talk to anyone who could help me.

-- terry felty (tfelty@bcso.com), January 26, 2004


Terry, The 1930 Stanly Co. census contains the following household: Albemarle Township Badin town ED 84-16, sheet 3B, 29 Cedar St. 49/51 Dickson, H. M., 31, age at first marriage 24, b. TN, parents born TN, laborer in aluminum plant Fronie, wife, 23, age at first marriage 16, b. NC, parents born NC, Thomas E., son, 5, b. NC Ruby Delle, dau, 2 5/12, b. NC

The Stanly Co. Death Index has the following entries: Hobart McKinley Dixon, son of John Thomas Dixon, d. 1984. The certificate is recorded in book 71, page 74. Thomas Edward Dixon Sr., son of Hobart M. Dixon, d. 1983. Certificate is in book 70, page 84. The Social Security Index lists Hobart Dixon, b. 25 Sept. 1898, d. June 1984 and Phronie Dixon, b. 1 Dec. 1907, d. June 1986. Either Hobart's death certificate or SS-5 form should have the maiden name of Hobart's mother. Checking www.switchboard.com reveals one Dixon in Badin, who is living at the exact same address, 29 Cedar, as Hobart and his family in 1930: Keith Dixon 29 Cedar St Badin, NC 28009 (704)422-3401

Good luck with your research. Leah lcsims@eskimo.com

-- Leah Sims (lcsims@eskimo.com), January 26, 2004.

I am decended of the original Dixons they are in Seversville TNN and I have visited several times, I live in Kannapolis NC and my greatgrandmother Joann Dixon who was married to Joseph Crockett Dixon moved here from there. We have lots of family there and all over. I have the family tree. I am 3rd cousin to Dolly Parton who is desended from same family. They lived in a cove near Gatlinburg called Booger Town. I have some pictures. Brenda

-- Brenda M. Polk (brendamotley@ctc.net), September 28, 2004.

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