Time to check gas heaters/furnaces

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Folks in most parts of America we are in a deepfreeze. Furnaces, heaters are workin overtime just tryin to keep up. Be extra careful with'm--especially those who are not vented. If they get lint/dust or even spiderwebs in the burner tubes--then one part oxygen is removed and the fumes [products of combustion] changes from Carbon Dioxide to CARBON MONOXIDE. A DEADLY, oderless, tasteless killer of humans.

Please take a few minutes and check the flames on your gas burnin heatin device. If ANY YELLOW is present--you have some problems. Sealed combustion chambers of furnaces are not nearly as dangerous because the fumes are contained within the furnace---however---prolonged use will cause the flues to be stopped up with soot. A very dirty and expensive job to clean up. A space heater is much more dangerous than the previous furnace just described. Their combustion chambers are not sealed and if CO is present it can very well vent inside the house. Older furnaces are the same way too. If you have any doubts after seein a lazy yellow flame in your heater/furnace--get a GOOD serviceman to have a looksee. It'll cost you several bucks but what is a life worth!!!

Good time to change air filters and oil blowers too. Be safe--the life you save not only is yours but also a loved one! old hoot. Matt.24:44

-- oldhootgibson (oldhoot@shawneelink.net), January 31, 2004

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