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I'm a dilligent hard working man who recently passed the apprenticeship exam. I am anxious to get to work. can anyone tell me how to get hired faster, or if you know of someone who's hiring???

-- Matthew H. Martin Jr. (, February 04, 2004


Understand I can only give generalities as I have no indication of where you are located. In General, you should have been given a list of signatory contractors. Nothing replaces effort here; you should call to make appointments seeking interviews. If you book an appointment arrive looking neat and if possible have a data sheet with a short description of your past accomplishments, name, address, photo, etc. Photocopy plenty of these as you can leave them behind and you will be remembered as the person who took that extra effort. (Is'nt that what every employer hopes for?) Leave one behind even if you cant get 'face time' with the employer. Be very polite to the secretary or other 'gatekeeper'. A chance remark from them to the boss can affect your employability. Getting indentured is tough work but if you approach geting a job as a job in itself you will do well. (put in a solid 40 hours or more a week into it - getting that job is your first job.) Use your network of friends and call the hall to see if the agent(s) know of anyone looking to take on a new hand. If thats not working out start making 'cold calls' on contractors... You have choosen a great profession and I wish you the best of luck. Regards, Rocky (Wisconsin)

-- John Rockefeller (, February 05, 2004.

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