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Within our social skills program there comes a time when we investigate things, activities, ways to be, and persons we want int he future to allow us a better life. Our lives are better when we've expanded our repertoires to allow more effective need gratification. Our classes have identified new Future Quality World items and are now rating them, using a 0-10 rating scale. In addition, they have been determining the degree of difficulty in having or doing these items, considering the following factors of--time, effort(mental and physical), and money. I've now a group to meet with; more later. Thoughts? TD

-- ted donato (tdonato@toppenish.wednet.edu), February 05, 2004


we continue. . . . . Our groups are further encouraged to use low numbers when rating their F.Q.W. items, as any situation, no matter how good it might seem, can always be made better. There is no "best" or "most" in Choice Theory. In addition, using our developed rating page, our students are able compare different items. Two coming to mind that had the same rating of 16E (Easy to obtain) were a cell phone and baking cakes. Our students know that the higher the number, the better the item will gratify their needs. And the more difficult an item is to obtain or do, the greater the value will be to the individual, i.e., popcorn or a college education. Popcorn is very easy to have and gratifies needs at a very low level. A college education, however, is difficult to obtain, but gratifies needs at a very high level. What would you rather have, popcorn everyday or the benefits of a college education. Hey, I'm rambling. . . . Later TD

-- (tdonato@toppenish.wednet.edu), February 05, 2004.

Some 3rd, 4th, and 5th students' F.Q.W. items with ratings: good job F/5, P/7, Fr/2, L&B/9 Total/23MH; buying presents for others F/3, P/4, Fr./5, L&B/8 Total/20E; attend college F/4, P/6, Fr./8, L&B/7 Total 25MH; ranch with animals F/7, P/5, Fr./8, L&B/4 Total 24H; traveling F/6, P/5, Fr./8, L&B/9 Total 28MH. There are many others that have been identified and rated. Again recall that our students have been told that the higher the number the more an item is wanted. And, if an item is wanted badly and is difficult ot acquire or do, its ability to gratifiy our needs and value will be long lasting. Boy, a ranch with animals sounds good. Later, TD

-- (tdonato@toppenish.wednet.edu), February 06, 2004.

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