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Netters --

Two delayed responses to recent postings:

1. The full von Tchisch cite (with first name) is: Dr. med. Woldemar von Tchisch, "Ueber die Zeitverhältnisse der Apperception einfacher und zusammengesetzter Vorstellungen, untersucht mit Hülfe der Complicationsmethode," [Philosophische Studien] ii. 603-634. [aus St. Petersburg]

2. For early personnel management sources see:

a. F. B. Miller & M. A. Coghill (1961). The Historical Sources of Personnel Work: An Annotated Bibliography of Developments to 1923. New York School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, Bibliography Series No. 5. 110 pages.

b. A. Coss & J. Jacob. Personnel Management: A Topical Outline and Bibliography. January, 1919. Washington, DC: Adjutant General's Office. 58 pages. Art

-- Art Bedeian (abede@lsu.edu), February 17, 2004


Two emendations to my February 17, 2003, posting:

1. The date of the von Tchisch paper is 1885.

2. The correct author names for the personnel management bibliography are: John J. Coss and Leonard Outwaite.

An additional item: One other von Tchisch paper that may be of interest (note the variation in first name):

Title: La loi fondamentale de la vie. Discours prononce en seance solennelle le 12 Dec. 1894, a l'occasion de la celebration de l'anniversaire de la fondation de Eltni versite de Jourieff (Dorpat). Author(s): Tchisch, Wladimir.


-- Art Bedeian (abede@lsu.edu), February 18, 2004.

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