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Has anyone used the new fuji instant film for transfers? Does it work in polaprinters or vivitar slide printers? How are the colors if it does indeed work? Does anyone know a good source for it? Thanks, Sandra.

-- Sandra Tipton (, March 08, 2004


If you mean the Fuji FP-100 pack films in 3 1/4 x 4 1/4' and 4x5", they work well for transfering to fairly absorbent papers. I use arches platine but BFK or a smooth water color paper would probably do as well. You have to work in total darkness from the time you peel apart off the normal receptor paper and apply the chemical pod to the new substrate. I find it works better if you don't moisten the paper and if you make the ftansfer fairly soon after pulling the pod from the rollers.

-- Neal Oshima (, May 08, 2004.

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