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I'm interested in doing image transfers but would like to experiment with a daylab before I embark on spending lots of dough on equipment. Can I rent a daylab? Or is there anyone in Southern California doing image transfers that wouldn't mind me looking over their shoulder for an afternoon? Thanks. Janet

-- Janet Tubbs (, March 09, 2004


Hi Janet,

Can't help you with a place to rent a Daylab, but I thought I'd let you know I got a good one at a reasonable price on eBay when I decided to buy mine. You may want to keep an eye on auctions there for a while to see if you can get one.

Also, Kathleen Carr is an artist who gives numerous workshops and works closely with Polaroid on their image transfer machinery, etc. She may be able to point you to someone who has a machine to rent, or you may be able to take one of her workshops. She is who I learned from and is extremely knowledgeable about the processes. She has published a number of books on the subject as well. Good luck!

-- Chris Brussat (, June 06, 2004.

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