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Hi. I have a son who has a care-order, I am appealing it. I am housebound. I am being excluded from LAC reviews because 1. I refuse to 'get used' to my son being away from me and 2. I won't accept counselling to accept my son is never coming back. Are they breaking any laws by excluding me from meetings? (I used to have a telephone link for the meetings) . Also, as both my son and me are disabled, when I called for help in an emergency, june 10th 2001, they wouldn't come. I had to call the police instead. Were they breaking the law in not attending to me or my son in an emergency? Also, I had asked for an assessment and care plan and had it done in april 2001, but it was not implemented, so we had no care plan in place ( had we had a care plan my son would still be with me) . Please could you help with any legal facts? Elizabeth Lucy-Jones. Kensington.

-- Anonymous, March 09, 2004

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