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Does our thoughts act to control our overall health mentally and physically?

-- Femi aluko (, March 16, 2004



Your question allows a visualizaiton of a “mind over matter” situation. I see the individual in poor mental or physical health willing himself/herself to “be well,” simply by thinking “Heal!” However, this visualization is probably not the case. I would first, if I may, rephrase your question to read, “Do our thoughts allow actions to encourage better overall mental and physical health?”

From here I am able to procede. When we apply Choice Theory via Reality therapy, we are initially almost completely involved in our Thinking component of our Total Behavior. The basic questions (of thought) in Reality Therapy are.:

1) What do I want?;

2) What am I currently doing (to get what I want)?;

3) Is it (my doings or behaviors) working?; 4) What else can I do (if what I am doing is not working.)?

In response to the 1st question an individual might respond to be more happy or satisfied in my relationships? OR to be more physically fit.

In response to the 2nd question, the individual might respond something similar to: . . . ignoring my spouse, giving the silent treatment, etc. OR . . .going home right after work and hitting the couch, eating a lot of junk food, putting off the yardwork.

In response to the 3rd question, “NO!!!!”

In response to the 4th question, the individual would identify actions or doings they could choose that would likely be successful accomplishing what the individual wants. For example, talk to my spouse about what is bothering me, listening to his/her response, helping with the housework and yardwork, spending time with her/him alone without the kids, seek spiritual guidance for us OR go to the doctor for a physical, join a health club, talk to a dietician about developing a healthy realistic menu for me to follow, talk to some friends about playing on a recreational team, i.e., softball, bowling, etc.

At this time, several positive doings/actions have been identified AND will probably work for the individual. It now comes to the “proof is in the putting” time. If an individual wants some thing badly enough- -good mental and physical health--he/she will choose these newly identified actions. If not, he/she is choosing to maintain an unsatisfying status quo, knowing that they could choose otherwise. They/We have the control to stay out of control.

Thinking with action will allow mental and physical health. TD

-- Ted Donato (, March 17, 2004.

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