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Have you ever read the Stewards Creed?

A STEWARD'S CREED I believe that I am responsible to my union brothers and sisters at my workplace, and I will represent them without showing favoritism in any way. I will thoroughly investigate each complaint and if it is a grievance, I will do my best to present the union's case in a fair and competent manner If the complaint is not a grievance, I will explain why it is not and will encourage the member to bring up future problems. If it is an important problem, but not a grievance, I will seek to find a way to solve it outside the grievance procedure.

I understand that my job as a steward involves more than grievance handling. I am a communicator, educator, organizer, problem solver, and leader in the workplace. I believe that the power of our union depends on an informed and involved membership, and I will do my best to show them how goals are achieved through unity and active involvement.

I will seek to improve wages, hours of work, job security and other conditions of employment, including but not limited to those which are conducive to safety, good health, and the full enjoyment of life.

I will always strive for equality regardless of race, color, creed, sex, age, religion or national origin.

I will engage in collective bargaining to support stability and prosperity in industry and to maintain harmonious relations between employers and the workers represented by this International Union.

I will at all times discharge my obligations to the best of my ability.

-- Ron Oliver (, March 16, 2004

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