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We have three 9-week old Nigerian Dwarf boys (2 wethers, 1 buck). Their horns are growing even though a disbudding was done (attempted??) by the breeder. The horns are around 1/2 inch long. What are my options? We are new goat owners, so have never had to handle disbudding ourselves. I have an appointment with a goat vet next week, but would like advice on what I'm facing. Can they be reburned at this stage? Am I talking dehorning (which sounds horrible). The breeder recommended banding - but others have said this is either inhumane, or doesn't work. Help please. The intent is for my daughters to show, and we also have 3 doelings that we will eventually breed with the buck. Thank you for any help. Donna

-- Donna Martin (, March 16, 2004

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