What exactly is CDT?

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HI there, I am a relatively new to the goat world. I have had goats for about a year now. We have Pygmy's. We are not breeding yet but are looking into it with serious consideration. I just vaccinated them for their annual shots and I was wondering exactly what CDT covers. I also wanted to know about rabies shots. Should we be giving them to the goats? I also make sure to deworm about every three months. After an initial problem with worms when we first got the goats we have not seemed to have any troubles. Is every three months ok? How often should you trim their hooves? We typically do it about every three to four months. I also have something from the vet that kills lice, and fleas and tics. After initail treatment we do not seem to have any evidence of the bugs, should I keep treating even if I don't see them? Any new goat to the herd is dewormed and de-liced before they are allowed to join the herd and they typically are seperated for a couple of days in an adjoining pen so they can all kind of get used to each other. Is this how others introduce new goats? Thank you for any of your answers and I am terribly sorry for sounding completely naive about all of this. I guess I just want to make sure that we are doing everything the right way.


-- Nicole (rhinnon@att.net), March 16, 2004

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