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Hello again. Some of you helped out in my last request for good Catholic posters to get some conversation going with the Catholic Youth that visit my site. Thanks! But one more boost from some of you to either re-inforce what I'm saying (it will be good for them to hear it from another Catholic also) or to challenge me to clarify or correct if needed what I have stated.

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God bless!

-- Hollis (, March 16, 2004


-- topping (, March 17, 2004.

topping again, in case anyone missed it

-- (, March 17, 2004.

Whipped - thanks for topping.

We have some great conversations and I see many of the young folks reading and some of them responding to comments. I still can use some more of you seasoned Catholic posters to contribute (but - of course - not to abandon this forum).

God bless! Hollis

-- Hollis (, April 14, 2004.

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