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I am wondering whether anyone had this issue earlirt. I haven't seen any posting on this exception.

Here is the scenario: We migrated from Oracle (US7ASCII) database to DB2 (UTF8) recently. We used db2load util to load all the data (no codepage specified in the db2load command)

What we found now is, whenever our application is trying to access a record which has accent characters on it (like e with accute, HEX value E9) it throws the following exception

LOCAL EXCEPTION STACK: EXCEPTION [TOPLINK-4002] (TopLink - 9.0.3 (Build 423)): oracle.toplink.exceptions.DatabaseException EXCEPTION DESCRIPTION: bug check INTERNAL EXCEPTION: bug check ERROR CODE: -99999

But I can insert the row with accent characters on it and it is fine. Its only problem with db2load(ed) rows.

Any idea what this means?

I tried to reload the data with codepage=1250 and it seems to be working. But I am afraid of setting that codepage, thinking it may cause any other issue.

I appreciate your help on this.


V Prakash

-- Prakash (, March 17, 2004

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