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Hello. My chihuahua is pregnant and I was wondering if any of you could give me advice. I have read that you have to have a c-section for a chihuahua!! Is this true?? I have also read that if you do not give your dog c-section that you have to have someone experienced with the birthing?? Is this true!! If you have any answers please send post them I really need help!!

-- Chrisitne Ralbovsky (, March 24, 2004


Go to a Vet maybe? I'm not trying to be sarcastic or anything, i mean, that's what I would do... the best advice I can give.

-- Max W. (, March 29, 2004.

Chrisitne, You absolutely under no circumstances "have" to have a C- Section just because it's a chihuahua. C-Section birthes are very rare in dogs and it's much harder for dogs to heal from them. I have a mini Chihuahua and a full size chihuahua. My Mini is the girl of the 2 and she's on her second pregnancy right now. I wasn't even home with her when she delivered her first litter. I wasn't familiar with the process, I assumed she'd be pregnant longer than she was before I would have to make preparations for her birthing. I just recently learned that their gestational period is 64-68 days. Which does give you a bit of a time frame. Anyways. I was gone the entire day and when I got home that night my miniture had, had 3 healthy puppies and had cleaned them up on her own. All that was left for me to do was to clean up the messy bed clothes she choose to deliver on. Those 3 puppies remain in good health and I still have one of them. My vets advice was to leave her alone while she was birthing. Stand by for assistance "if" she has any complications. In most cases interference from humans can be more harm than good. If she pushes for an extended period of time and produces no pups then that is when you need to step in and see if you can help her get the puppies out. If your to afraid to try that then you do indeed need to call the vet. I do suggest looking into some websights for more insight.Knowledge is power and when delivering puppies from such a small breed time is of the essence. Sometimes there's just not enough time to get them to the vet. I hope that my experience has helped you understand puppy birthing a little better. I did run accross this site and it would be helpful for you to look into it. Good luck with your litter:o) April

-- April Ramsey (, April 03, 2004.

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