What's the difference between "choice theory"and "control theory"?

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Glasser named his theory "choice theory" instead of "control theory".Is it the same? If not, What's the difference?

-- Chinese Girl (chyliu@126.com), April 01, 2004


See the answer to a similar question that was asked about three questions back in this forum. The central elements of Control Theory ( esp the idea of internal control) still remain, but so many aspects have been changed that Glasser felt he now had what was essentially a new theory.

-- ken lyons (kenlyon@gofree.indigio.ie), April 02, 2004.

Ken Lyon, Thank you for your answer to my question. I've read the question and answer you mentioned. I'm a Chinese girl, Iearned the Reality Therapy and Control Theory.I'm very interested in Dr Glasser's theory and have searched for more information. When I find Choice Theory, I'was very glad. At the same time, I felt pity becouse I couldn't find more about Choice Theory. What I could read was the brief introductions. After I read the question and answer on our website, I hope I can leran someting about the theory. I've looked through many of your answers. You must know it well. So I wil be very happy If you can mail me some artiles. Thanks a lot.

-- Chinese Girl (chyliu@126.com), April 12, 2004.

While the theory has been updated - the essentials are still the same. One of the reasons that Glasser changed the name from Control Theory to Choice Theory is because the first name had people believing they could control someone else. The second name was given because the theory in actuality means that we choose our own behavior.

-- Andrea van der Laan (avdl@aol.com), September 03, 2004.

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