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Last time i tried to get my PA police checked for working with children i was told that the PA had to pay for this.

We are going to advertise soon for a new PA, as i am expecting a baby soon, we naturally want to ensure that who ever we employ isnt going to put our baby at risk.

Can anyone advise?

-- Anonymous, April 06, 2004


Hi Viki,

Without knowing all your circumstances I'd suggest contacting your Local Authority and enquire about Direct Payments. Direct Payments are a new way of getting services from your council. Instead of receiving direct services from the council, you could get Direct Payments that would give you more control and flexibility over the support you need. You would need to be assessed by a Social Worker or Care Co-ordinator. The assessment should take into consideration all aspects of becoming an employer and therefore the Direct Payment should be enough to pay for all set-up costs ie, advertising, payroll, tax, NI, stationery etc etc and also should include the cost of CRB checks. To find out more about Direct Payments, you could contact your local Direct Payment Support Scheme. Your local council, Dept of Health or NCIL may be able to tell you the details of your local scheme. Good luck!

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2004

Hi I allready get Direct Payments.. But the local councils policy dosnt include paying for a police check for employers to be! It is prepared to pay for a "local" check but wont pay for a national check. I can not see the use of just getting a local one done!

I know.. daft, and i will look into challenging the decision!

Vicki xx

-- Anonymous, April 11, 2004

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