What does bump mean?

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I keep reading the responses and a lot of them say bump, what does that mean?


-- Sharon (delipasta@hotmail.com), April 10, 2004


Click on the link "Catholic" at the top of a thread. Then you will go to the homepage and see a row of links, one of which says "New Answers." When you click on the new answers link, you will be led to a page that shows what threads contain the most recent posts. When someone writes "bump" or "top", they are sending the thread to the top of the "New Answers" page.

-- Emily (jesusfollower7@yahoo.com), April 10, 2004.

When you see the word Bump, it means that a poster ois moivng the thread tot he top pf the new answers section.

Many poepel have bokmarked the new answeres section, and do not read the main page of thos board. The threads with the newest answers are on top.

If you go tot he tp pf the page you will see "New Answers" as a link, click it and it will show you.

-- ZAROVE (ZAROFF3@JUNO.COM), April 10, 2004.

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