Why can't my newborn kid stand?

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I have a new born Boar goat (billy) he has yet to walk and he is very shaky. He's about three days old now. He trys to nurse off the bottle but needs a little help. His head is very unstable and he cannot stand at all without help. He's limp! Now he can move his legs around just not get up on them. There's a complete lack of balance. His mother needed help during labor and i think it took longer than it should have to pull him. She had an exceptionally big baby. But he just can't seem to get up. So if there's anything you can tell me i would really appreciate it. Thanks for your time!!

-- Herman Taylor (hetaylor@earthlink.net), April 13, 2004


Well it's obviously too late for my answer to be of help to you but in the future:


This is the real deal. These people will email you within hours with an answer and they have people all over the country whom you can telephone 24/7 if you have a real medical emergency. I have personal experience with them and can not say enough good things about this website. An absolute must for even the most experienced goat person.

-- Lorraine (lorikay@cia-g.com), July 12, 2004.

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