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hi! I am doing a schoolwork about suicide, and one of the approaches was youre treatment. however i couldnt find any information how you would treat a suicidal person. i would appriciate very much a answer as soon as possible. thank you maria.

-- maria vukusic (, April 14, 2004


I am also interested in this topic. According to my understanding of this theory, I think the first thing we can do is that the counsellor should enter his quality world.Then he will be willing to accept your advice.

-- Chinese Girl (, April 17, 2004.

There are some excellent articles in the journal of Reality Therapy on this subject. Probably the best for your purposes is "Control Theory concepts contribute to effective Reality Therapy with suicidal clients 1988 7 (2) 9-12 by Suzy Hallock Bannigan.

Bob Wubbolding also has several articles including: "Professional Ethics handling suicide threats in the counselling session" 1987 7(1) 12-15 "Professional Ethics-intervention in suicide Behaviours 1988 7(2) "Professional Ethics -Signs and Myths sorounding Suiciding Behaviour" 1988 8(1) 18-21. See this website for details of the Reality Therapy journal,

-- ken lyons (, April 17, 2004.

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