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The gap between rich and poor in America is bigger than it's been in more than 50 years.

That economic boom we keep hearing about? It's helping the people who need help the least. Too many workers are working harder and longer while the benefits of their labor go mostly to the rich. That's where today's unions continue to help…

Labor unions are made up of working people working together to solve problems, build stronger workplaces and give working families a real voice. Unions stand for fair treatment of all working people--on the job,in our communities and in the economy.

Unions give workers a voice on the job about safety, security, pay, benefits-- and about the best ways to get the work done. That helps working families, the companies that employ them and the customers who use their products and services.

Unions give working people a voice in government. They represent working families before lawmakers, and make sure politicians never forget that working families voted them into office.

Unions help working families get a fair shake in today's economy. Union workers earn an average of $155 (or 33 percent) more each week than non-union workers and are much more likely to have health and pension benefits.

On the job and in national policy debates, we are committed to seeing that working families--not just rich CEOs--benefit from our labor.

Unions strengthen communities. We promote economic development, partner with community groups and pitch in when disaster strikes.

That's why America needs today's unions.

-- Ron Oliver (, April 15, 2004


just a comment. Click on this and compare collective bargaining ( Union ) wages and benefits to non union. I will never understand why people continue to work non - union. From Soon to be apprentice

-- David Allen (, April 15, 2004.

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