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My goats are 8 weeks old and I have tried to get them to drink water on their own from a bucket and they are not interested. I even tried putting some of the milk replacer in a dish and they still won't drink unless it's in a bottle. At this point the solution is almost all water but I want to stop bottle feeding as soon as I see them drinking on their own. They are eating hay and legumes on thier own. Any suggestions?

-- brian wydra (, April 18, 2004



My mother also has 2 8 week old kids that we are trying to wean. She also tried to put milk in their dish and they looked at her like whe was crazy. We will continue to look for an answer and will forward it to you if we find one....could you possibly do the same if you get a chance.

Thank you so much, Kelly

-- Kelly Mongan (, April 18, 2004.

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