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What are the main strengths and weaknesses of Choice Theory & Reality Therapy?

-- Scott Coziahr (, April 18, 2004


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-- ken lyons (, April 18, 2004.

Scott, I have considered this question.

There is a website that I happened to run across at which people were given the opportunity to express their opinion, regarding this question. There are opinions for and against, pro and con, “no way” and “yes way.” I tend to side with the “yes way’s.” But I do recognize and understand the contrary viewpoints and concerns of others.

First, I think that the application of Choice Theory through Reality Therapy is very valuable to the common person and the person who wants to consciously affect change in his/her life. Reality Therapy is easy to use. For example, using the RT questions:

WHAT DO I WANT? new boat, new shoes, new sleeping bag, better relationship with spouse and or children, new cell phone, air compressor, another car, upgrade job/professional skills, clean the garage, knock the weeds out in the yard, answer someone’s question on this website.

WHAT AM I CURRRENTLY DOING TO GET WHAT I WANT? nothing, but thinking about it.


WHAT ELSE CAN I DO? Via this question, the client would identify behaviors that would lead to the accomplishment of what was identified as being wanted. And, if he/she is sincere and motivated he/she will be able to obtain the identified item, as a consequence of his/her chosen behavior.

It should be noted at this time, according to Choice Theory, that the individual is identifying items (Have’s, Do’s, Be’s ala Barnes Boffey), that are need-fulfilling. If the item(s) is (are) not perceived as bringing need gratification, would the client want it (them)? Whether or not an individual is schooled in CT/RT, he or she can be happy. Happiness is not dependent on knowing Choice Theory. However, at this time I would say that happiness is dependent on living Choice Theory. Organisms donot continue to live, thrive, or be happy unless needs are gratified. One only has to observe people who are truly happy and note the abundance and depth of Quality World items. You would probably find that they have much Fun, Power, Freedom, and Love & Belonging. Choice Theory is one way an individual, needing to improve his/her life, is able to do so. For the layman, it is very applicable--to enable him/her to become more happy by improving the lot in life.

Regarding the contrary opinions. . . . I have heard a few. It is criticized that Choice Theory claims explain the full gamet of human ills or conditions using its precepts--mental illness and some physical ailments, etc. (It is assumed that it has been claimed to be so. However, I have never heard Dr. Glasser make this claim.) Personally, I believe this argument is best left for those on the mountain or nearing its summit with more expertise that myself. In reality, I do not care--they argue or debate while I make my life better by using Choice Theory and what ever Theory I choose, simply because of the RT question, WHAT ELSE CAN I DO TO? TD

-- Ted Donato (, April 19, 2004.

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