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I give my does CD&T twice a year. Last summer I gave them their shots and about an hour later I noticed my herd queen standing off by herself, not moving, rapid breathing and would not accept any grain or treat. I didn't see how she would be having a reaction to this vac. I always thought the reactions mostly limited to vitamins. Anyway, I gave her a dose of epi just in case. She did get back to her oldself, but it took about 3 days. So, my question is, would it have been a drug reaction....I acctdently hit a vein (dont think so)...or plantlife? She is due to kid in about 4 weeks and I would really like to give her a booster of CD&T, but I am nervous. Once they have a reaction, will they ALWAYS have a reaction(if that's what it was)? Also...this is the important part...if I give it to her and she has another reaction, and I have to give epi again, will it harm the kids that she is carrying? Thanks Kim

-- Kim Burkhart (Nubians) (, April 21, 2004

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