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Hello, I am interested in selling two Art Decco Bronze and Marble Lamps. I would like to know the estimated Value. They stand 17 1/2" Tall and are 7 1/2" at the widest part. It is of a Bronze Lady sitting on a tall Marble Pedestal holding a globe in her lap. Thank you, Carolyn Myers

-- Carolyn Myers (, May 03, 2004


I am looking for one - did you sell - how much. And if you have sold would dearly love to know where to obtain one. Thankyou. Diane Beasy

-- Diane Beasy (, December 07, 2004.

Please send me information on your M. LeVerrier...did you sell it? what is the value? I have a pair of M. LeVerrier bookends I love!

-- Phyllis Bailey (, January 24, 2005.

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