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My grandma died at a very early age of 23. Her name was Bertha Rogers Sisk. She was the child of Cora Clanton Rogers and William Franklin Rogers. She was born in 1909 and died in 1935. (or 1934) She married Flay William Sisk in the year of 1927 and they had 4 children. When she died unexpectedly her children and family was devastated. Shortly after her death, her husband (Flay) married Bertha's cousin, Ruby Clanton. Ruby was very jelous of Bertha and would not even let the children have a picture of her hanging on the wall. They were forbid to ask any questions about Bertha! But among the few things that they heard about her was the fact that she had a younger sister named Lela! Ruby would not allow Lela to come see the children and so Lela lost touch with the children. All of Bertha's children are still living today. My mom is one of them. She is 73. I did some research and found that someone had listed a "living Rogers" child between Cora Clanton Rogers and William F. Rogers. Then I found a census that says that Lela was 7 years old in the year of 1920 living with Bertha and her father. The census was of Gaston county, NC. Time is ticking and my mom is getting old. Please someone help me find her aunt!!! Even if she is dead...we will know something at least!!!!!! All we know now is that her name was Lela Rogers. WE do not know if she married or if she had any children...nothing. My mom has a hole in her heart for all these years!!! Please help me mend it for her!! I can't help but feel an urge to cry when I tell this story. Contact me if you have any information about Lela!! Many Thanks!! Linda Haas

-- Linda Kay Haas (, May 03, 2004

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