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I was a Millwright apprentice until May of 2002 when I was laid off. I was not vested in the pension plan. I'm still a card carrying union member with the IAFF #3194. My question is, is it possible to transfer my pension funds here? I've researched on the web site and have not found the info needed. I had contacted the fund office and they didn't believe it was possible but said they would look into it for me. Any info to point me in the right direction would be apprieciated.

Thank you Mike Roth

-- Michael Roth (, May 05, 2004


Regrets for not answering sooner as our server problems allowed us to recieve but not send e-mail! Pension funds are regulated by IRS rules and I claim no authority in interpreting (or even understanding) tax codes. You've done the right thing by contacting the fund office. My general understanding is that like funds can transfer but unlike funds cannot. The fund office can best determine whether or not you can transfer pension funds, be patient while they look into the situation. Best Wishes, Rocky

-- John Rockefeller (, May 07, 2004.

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