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How Do I get a job as a carpenters apprentice in the Milwaukee area??? I passed and scored very well on all tests, received letter of introduction, Have applied at almost 30 contractors including dropping off 30 resumes, I have also been working in the construction Industry since 1998 both civilian and military(navy Seabees).all I want is a chance... one Contractor showed me a list, It must have had 250 applicants in front of me. If I continue filling out applications and checking back with contractors, will I even be given an opportunity In the near future?? or are the contractors obligated to hire on a first come first serve basis? Right now I am still very much for the Union, My first foreman was trained to journey men level in the carpenters union and since then I have not worked with a more competent person. also Im new to the area and have absolutely no union contacts should I try to establish some? and if so HOW? any info would be appreciated, JEFF

-- Jeffrey Michael Johnson (, May 05, 2004


Regret the delay in getting back to you sooner as we had server problems which allowed us to recieve but not send mail. You are doing the right thing already, keep at it. It can be frustrating getting that first placement and demand for journeymen and apprentices has been low so far this year. Things will pick up, many projects are slow getting started this year. (Just a coincidence that we are bargaining a new contract?) I talked with Joe Weisling, director of apprenticeship, and he said they were not taking applications right now due to to many laid off apprentices. The good news is we are starting to see some movement. Give Joe a call. I have always found him to be quite helpful and mayhaps he can give you some hints as to where to apply. Wishing you good fortune in your new profession!, Regards, Rocky

-- John Rockefeller (, May 07, 2004.

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