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I just purchased a Polaroid onestep time zero camera on ebay, i cant seem to find any information about this camera on the polaroid website, but I know this camera takes sx-70 film but I am not sure if it takes time zero film (i would assume so because time zero is written on the camera). However it is also called a onestep camera, so I was just wondering if anyone knows if this camera will take time zero film or if it will have to be modified. and if it does have to be modified does anyone know where I could find a 2-step neutral density filter, can it be any filter? or does it have to be made for a polaroid camera? Thanks

-- Lauren Tobaygo (, May 05, 2004


Yes Lauren, I believe that your camera should take the time zero film (which is the only film available for SX-70 cameras). Here is a link with more information, and a little history:

Good luck! Bob

-- Bob Rosenstein (, May 06, 2004.

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