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I am trying to figure out what kind of chair my father has. It is red, the head rest adjusts, it reclines, has a fold out compartments on either side, and has an ottoman. It is a different type of chair- nothing I've ever seen before. I think it may be leather. The metal tag attached to the back reads as follows: RoyalChrome DISTINCTIVE FURNITURE ROYAL METAL MFG, CO, CHICAGO - NEW YORK - LOS ANGELES I do have pictures if that would help, I could send. The chair is in ok condition, the ottoman not so good. Any information anyone could provide would be great! Thanks!

-- Angela Peterson (, May 13, 2004


Hi Angela,

I have some old Royalchrome, Howell, and Lloyd catalogues (reprints). I've seen similar chairs like the one you described in the Lloyd catalogue. My guess it was a chair used in a barber shop or beauty parlor. There are two in one of my Lloyd catalogues and they are called "facial couches." One is similar to the one you described and has two chrome bands on sides with a side compartment. The back also reclines. Anyway, hold onto it for it is pretty rare and of course was your father's.

-- gerald miller (, May 18, 2004.

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