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can one be a catholic and believe non catholics go to hell?

-- Antonella kobetze (, May 15, 2004


There are Catholics who reject just about any teaching of the Church you can name. The question is how much truth a person can reject and still actually be Catholic, even though they might consider themselves Catholic. There are a fair number of functional Protestants who attend Mass regularly because they think they are Catholic, even though they have personally rejected many of the teachings of the Church.

-- Paul M. (, May 15, 2004.

Hi Antinella,

I think there are probably a good number of Catholics who believe this. But ultimately, I can't understand why some like to predict the salvation or lack there of, for people of other faiths. THe final authority is God. God makes the judgement regardless of what we think. Predicting Hell for those who believe differently just leads to animosity and a breakdown in "helpful" communication. I think we do them a disservice. That approach seems wrong to me.

-- JimFurst (, May 15, 2004.

Sorry "Antonella"

.... my typing skills are scant.

-- Jim Furst (, May 15, 2004.

simply put, yes.

as catholics we recognize the fact that:

1) not all catholics will go to heaven

2) not all non catholics will go to heaven

3) some catholics will go to heaven

4) some non catholics will go to heaven

these things are recognized teachings of the church. you can be catholic and believe that SOME non catholics can go to hell, but it is deplorable to believe that ALL would.

-- paul h (, May 15, 2004.

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