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How old are kids before they get top teeth and when should they be weaned,have kept pellet starter in pen since born but nibbles doesn't even act intrested Nibbles will be 2 months old on June 1,he is my april fool baby .He is a pigmy (suppose to be a drawf pigmy) but think the joke was on me.Still on bottle feedings of unimilk or multi mama.

-- annie allen (, May 21, 2004


Kids NEVER get top front teeth, and are born with top rear teeth.

Weaning age varies from 8 weeks to 12 weeks or longer. 8 weeks is fine if you give them Calf Manna to nibbke on (25% protien which is higher than Milk replacer. I had some orphan kids that would not drink milk from a bottle or pan that weaned thereselves at about 6 weeks. They ate a lot of calf manna though and had all the alfalfa they could eat. When you first give calf manna to them start out with about 1/4 cup / day / kid and slowly build up to have it available at all times. They won't overeat alfalfa so put as much (fine stemed) as they want. Alfalfa makes there rumen develop and gives them a larger food capacity.

-- John Yoost (, May 22, 2004.

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