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What do you guys think about it?

In hypnosis, it's your accually getting demon possessed. Your inviting a demonic spirit into you that will cause you to do all those thing you wouldn't normally do.

-- David Ortiz (, May 22, 2004


"Hypnosis" is not a demonic event of possession. "Hypnosis" is a conscious awareness of the subconscious self. It is the realization of the mental awareness of one's own thoughts, dreams, and desires. And then, there is the mis-conception of "Hypnosis".

"Hypnosis" is not evil unless one makes it evil. It is the one who controls the other who is evil, by whatever means available. Anything can be the means to an end, it doesn't have to be hypnosis. If a person allows for anything or anyone to be their master, this is wrong uness it is God who is the Master.

"Hypnosis" is used in treatment of patients with both physical and mental conditions. "Hypnosis" is also used in circus acts for fun and profit.

Demonic possessions are a whole different thing. I've heard stories about such events. Some I can't help but to laugh with disbelief, while others scare the living daylights out of me.

I believe in demonic possessions and hypnosis, but not the Hollywood versions of them.


-- rod (, September 9, 2003.


we experience our existence and others' through our conscience and subconscience perceptions. Those perceptions may seem real, but can debatebly(sp?)be true. That conscience-ness is present in our thoughts, dreams, or dilusions. There times when these converge and, "Viola!", we have intuitions, hunches, preminitions, or cognitive realizations. We are people of body and spirit. What can I say?


-- rod (, September 9, 2003.


hypnosis plays a nice part in understanding where we are at in our reality of life. Have you ever daydreamed? We get into that semi- conscious state while watching that "movie" playout in our thoughts. That's a form of self-hypnosis, I guess. I think what is happening in this state is that our sub-conscience is formulating a solution or resolve with the help of our conscience (or vice versa) during a semi-conscious state. Eery, if you ask me...

So, why can't it be ok for an outside source induce a hypnotic state? It can, but is it evil? I guess it could be, but at the same time it could also be a blessed encounter with the Holy Spirit.


-- rod (, September 9, 2003.

I've seen people get into a hypnotic trans during their prayer and worship hour. Did they simply convince themselves to become semi- conscious or have they accepted a charismatic event?

Is it a blessed event or a demonic event? One would have to dig deeply into the circumstances of that hypnotic trans in order to determine its source, right?


-- rod (, September 9, 2003.

Yeah but some of them bark like dogs and howl like wolves during one of these "charismatic events." Altered states of consciousness can be dangerous! I was at one meeting where this gal was on all fours girating her hips in an obscene motion and howling. The ushers politely asked her to leave. Okay, so maybe she wasn't a Christian, but nonetheless when the "laughter" movement became popular it lead to all sorts of weird manifestations.



-- Gail (, September 9, 2003.

Hi Gail.

That was no lady doing the wiggles; that was me. JUST KIDDING!

Glad to hear from you. This forum is not quite the same without your input.




-- rod (, September 9, 2003.

People doing the "wiggles"...

I don't mean any disrespect for the genuine Charismatic Movement ( I didn't mean to make a pun). But, what I have seen leads me to believe that most charismatic episodes are self-induced by over zealous believers in "wishing" the Holy Spirit to indwell in them for that specific moment in time. I'm 90% certain, which leaves that 10% doubt. The only reason I dare say anything about such an episode is because when I study the Apostles' episode and compare it to today's claims of a charismatic event the two just don't jive. The Apostles did not go into convulsions or violent motions, but they simply experienced an enlightenment and xeno-language. So, why the "wiggles" in some of these people? I don't know 90% of the time. I think that the other 10% may have the answers. I wish I could have a discussion with genuine people about their "day of pentecost".


-- rod (, September 9, 2003.

-- David Ortiz (, May 22, 2004.

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