uneven mammary glands in female goat

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A female goat that I do not own and therefore have little history on, is staying with my 3 castrated males. It seems that one of her mammary glands is full while the other remains small. She has been seen suckling herself. There is no recent history of kidding and she is not used for milk. She is a Nubian and resides in East TN. Goat ownership/management is new to me and I am unsure if this is a sign of mastitis or some other reproductive problem. She is eating well and otherwise healthy. She has recently been diagnosed with Muellerius and high numbers of trichostrongyles but is to be treated as soon as Haemonchus cultures come back. Is this a common thing that I just have not heard of?

-- Elizabeth Urbani Lovett (eurbani@utk.edu), May 24, 2004

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