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Hello, I have been using Adobe for a while and tried a lot of settings but I just can't help it that I have framedrop everytime I want to capture something. It really bothers me. I've got a Sony Dcr-Hc 14 videocamera. Everytime I try something different it's getting even worse then before. Could you help me out. Thank you very much.

-- mark van de vis (, May 27, 2004


I use C:\ for only programs and OS. C;\ is a laptop at 7200rpm 14gig used and 46 free d:\ is a physical drive and I capture to it (slave drive) d:\ drop frames as it fragmanets e:\ is a 350 gig firewire drive never a problem

Solution capture to a fast firewire (2) drive Defrage after big deletes

-- Mike Littwin (, September 05, 2004.

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