looking for coffee percolator

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I'm looking for a coffee perculator brand new, with good brand.

-- Lorna T. Bhambhani (lorna.bhambhani@uratex.com.ph), May 28, 2004


first of all goodmorning, now i just want to know about the prices of the coffee machines. I want to open a coffee shop in Athens, a cheep one because here in greece you usually pay for one espresso 2eur and i think it's too much so i think if i can have some good coffee machines in a good price i can offer the coffee in a better price so lot of people will come to me. So if you can send me a price list i could deside in a better way. Thanks a lot Patrick Lolas

P.S. sorry about my english but i hope you can understand.

-- Patrick Lolas (patrick@winweb.gr), June 07, 2004.

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