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my miniature pincher got his front leg fractured just above his elbow the vet took x rays and told me it would be a complicated surgery, that cost $270.00 and just about broke me. i don't have the $1500.00 the surgery cost. he's around 11 months old and i don't want to lose him over this. i was thinking about trying to imobilize it w/ a splint and tape. at this point i'm not sure if the swelling has stoped. the vet's report said there most likely isn't any nerve or ligament damage, and that it's not shattered. he wrote something about a 14 of 17 fracture. i guess my question is, are pins a must for a fracture or would it heal on it's own? also does anyone know of any holistic remedies, compresses, herbs, etc.

-- darian elizondo (, May 28, 2004


My min pin broke his leg about 4 weeks ago (he is about 5 mo. old) but lucky for me it was below the elbow. The vet told me that if it would have been above his elbow surgery would be a must. His front left leg was broke in two places but the just put a splint on it and told me it would take at least 4 weeks to heal. Now he is running faster than before and jumping off the couch with the cast on. I gave him calcium every other day and milk sometimes. Hopefully he is healed, I will find out on Tuesday. I just wanted to tell you that I am sorry and good luck with everything, min pins are reselient little creatures. Maybe you should take you x-rays and get another opinion. Good luck!

-- rachel schaffer (, July 01, 2004.

just a follow up... yes he did, infact, need surgery. we took "milo" to a great animal clinic located in lakeport northern california. they did a very complicated surgery. the doctor thought it would take and hour and quoted me about $1600.00. well after about 3 hours under the knife milo is expected to make a full recovery. the last xray showed 5 pins and what looked like a twisty tie (stainless steel wire) through avery tight elbow joint. only one minor difficulty after about 3 weeks the pins worked there way through the skin. the doctor said being such a little dog there is not much muscle that covers the area of the fracture. he clipped the wires off and put a few stiches in. now at 5 weeks post surgery he is using his leg minimaly.

-- darian elizondo (, July 02, 2004.

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