Polaroid Polaprinter Slide Copier 3510 Problems

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I got an used Polaroid Polaprinter Slide Copier 3510, unfortunatly there was no manual with it. Now I have some Problems unsing it and hope someone here can help me!

First I dont realy know how to put the dia into the Polaprinter. There are 2 metalmasks but how to use them?

Second, the colors are not very good and the Picture is aut of focus...it is not that sharp as on the dia (maybe because I use it the wrong way.

Has maybe anyone the manual for this Copier to send me per mail? Ive asked at Polaroid, but now answer yet (was 2 weeks ago). I hope you can understand what my problems are, my english is not that very good. Thanks very much for your help! lg Christina

-- Christina Joch (darvida@pixelbilder.at), May 29, 2004


Cristina to Christina! Hallo, my english is terrible. But I have your problem, too. I have a Polaroid Polaprinter Slide Copier 3510, but I haven't any manual. Can you help me? Thank you. Cristina. Italy.

-- cristina (c.pag@tiscali.it), December 17, 2004.

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