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When we create a database we set block size 4,8,16 or 32. I read that it must me the multiple of OS block. Why we can't create a database with block size of 3/5/7 k. This 3/5/7 also the multiple of OS block size.

Thanks, Ajay

-- Ajay Singh (ajay.singh@exult.net), June 03, 2004


When a DB is created the Physical files involved in the process are the o/s files.When u are storing data in the DB the data gets stored in the datafiles which are the physical files in the operating system and thus the DB couples to the o/s bloc size of 8k to 32k.In Windows the Max is 8k where as in Unix it could be from 8 to 32 K (64 Bit o/s).Hence 3/5/7 are not supported by the o/s

-- Raghavan Anand. (anandcgvak@yahoo.com), June 15, 2004.

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