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Our system is currently having the DATA on VSAM files.We are using the EZT to retrive the data for any reports on client request.For this we used to run a program to which will give us a flat file and depending on that we generate the reports.

Now my question is,is there any way to convert this flat file in to a table (either DB2/ORACLE)so that we can write the SQL query to get our reports.

Ex:After running the program we will get the flat file like below.

12345 xxyyzz etc. 12346 xxyyzz Etc.

Then we will write the EZT to list the details.

Key(emp#) copy book 12345 xxyyzz where xx->salary field yy-DOB etc.. 12346 xxyyzz

Finally my intention is I want to map the data from the above flat file with a table(which was the copy book in cobol).

-- krishna (, June 03, 2004

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